H  O  C  K     A  V  E

"Metallic Punk Funk Thrash Psychedelic Dance Mind Numbing Music covering S&M, sex, revenge, child abuse, T.V. preachers, war, punks, schizophrenia, necrophilia, stuck-up chicks and all those other cheerful subjects all covered in good taste of course."   "Crazy" Dave Talkovic

"The music is tight, loud and fast at times, sloppy and loose at others. If your tastes run toward early American punk check this tape out."    Thrust August 1990 issue
1.   Smash Your Face 2:12
2.   I Don't Need Love 3:44
3.   Slaughterhouse 5:30
4.   God Squad 4:44
5.   Legal Murder 2:41
6.   Raped But Not Forgotten 3:25
7.   Hot And Juicy 4:40
8.   Nuclear Suicide 2:46
9.   Survive 3:51
10.   Necrophilia Blues 3:12
11.   You Don't Try 3:24
12.   Vicious 3:22

"Crazy" Dave Talkovic - bass, lead and background vocals, songwriter
Matt Wuolle - guitars, lead vocal on "Survive"
"Nasty" Nick Wadson - drums, background vocals

Recorded and mixed at Citi Sound Studios, Sarasota Florida 1988, D.D. Kaye, engineer
Copyright 1986-87 Shock Wave and D. Talkovic
All Rights Reserved

To order, please contact:
E.B. Productions
P.O. Box 5301
Sarasota, FL 34277

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