S O U N D T R A C K S   and   I N D U S T R I A L S    

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The Black Cradle Chris Punsalan, director  narrative film, various music composition

Rebellionpictures.com website Sound effects for mouse-overs

Night Crew Frank Slaten, director  10' narrative film

Crash of the Buzzer Ben Yedlin, producer  documentary film

Dangle's Phil Gus Smythe, director  18' narrative film

A Pizza Pie With Extra Sausage Bobby Maf, director  5' animation, sound effects only

A Knife Surprise Chris Freihlich, director  short film

Just Outside the Door John Tranchina, director  short film

Lockheed-Martin corporate training video/CD-rom   Composer for three short theatrical vignettes

Wacky Science  (educational CD-Rom) Altura Multimedia, NJ.

Acing the New SAT  (educational CD-rom) Penguin, NY  Composer/performer/eng. for 5 Music spots

Fellowship In Prayer website Princeton Packet Online, NJ
Digital sound editor for 12 narrative voice-over sections. Arrangements of midi christmas music

G. Taylor website  midi music for homepage

The Music of Our Lives  7' experimental music video

My People  20' experimental music video

Rhythmic Interplay  10' computer-animation video Gigi DeRoux

Her Kitchen Extension  15' film Gigi DeRoux (national showings)
Composer/guitarist for soundtrack

Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs of the Deep, Zenith and Abyssal  (educational exhibits)
Museum of Science and Industry, Florida. 6 month installation and tour
Composer of 3 Music soundtracks and audio specialist for voice-overs

Children's Opera  Brandon Opera Company, Florida, 15' of snd effects

A U D I O   P R O D U C T I O N   and   C O N S U L T I N G

Calla techno-pop group, digital sound file processing

Riley's Fan short film, audio processing

Princeton University International Festival recordist and consultant for video

A Day in the Life of a Department Manager recordist and consultant for video documentary Princeton University

L'Histoire du Soldat multimedia Stravinsky show University of South FL audio eng. for video portions

Campus Safety Video (psa) University of South FL snd effects

Campus Health Center Video (psa) University of South FL composition and snd effects consultant