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P r i m a l  S c r e a m   full version on SoundCloud

S o u n d   J a n i t o r   -  S l i m e  o r   S u b l i m e     Greg Diamond, percussion; David Claman, bass; M. Wuolle, guitar   detail

E l e c t r i c   G u i t a r       Improvisation in 3 movements detail

S o u n d   J a n i t o r      Greg Diamond, percussion; M. Wuolle, guitar   detail

G r a n d   C e n t r a l      detail

P r e l u d e      cd single, solo guitar   detail

G u i t a r   W a s t e l a n d     detail

L o v e l y v i l l e  -  M u s i c   F r o m   P r i n c e t o n      
Includes Matt's "Lovelyville" live performance watch/listen

Matt plays guitar on David Claman's "Hip Replacement"

Y e a r s   o f   F e a r       detail

T h e   M u s i c   o f   O u r   L i v e s   video

E x o t i c   J o u r n e y      detail

O d d s  a n d  E n d s     compilation of various titles    excerpt 1  462k    excerpt 2  248k  excerpt 3  193k   

A c o u s t i c   W o r k s   ( 1 9 9 9 )    detail

S h o c k   W a v e    detail

Electro-Acoustic Works

Crazy Dave (spoken word, sound montage)   17':02"   1998 (new re-mix)
Steven Segall (music video)   3':00"   1998
Florida On My Mind (flute and environmental snds)   17':30"   1996   score page 1
Years of Fear (voices, saxes, and performances w/ objects)   9':45"  1995
T-bone (construction workers and sound montage)   12':35"   1994
The Music of Our Lives (experimental music video)   8':45"   1994
My People (experimental music video)   20':30"   1994
Imitation Cheese Product (speech, saxes, and animal sounds)   8':44"   1993
Collage (percussion and electronic soundtrack)   12':00   1992
Exotic Journey (midi soundtrack, voices)   12':00   1989   I. Aurora   excerpt II. Expo   III. Exotic Journey
Tritonal (midi soundtrack)   3':50"   1989
Electric Gtr MIDI Work #1 (gtr and midi soundtrack)   4':00"   1989
Ideas (midi soundtrack)   3':20'   1988
Symmetry (midi soundtrack)   3':00"   1987
Untitled #1 (soprano voice and sampled instruments)   5':00"   1987

Acoustic Solo and Chamber Works

Lovelyville (duo for alto and tenor sax)   14':00   1994 (revised 1996)  

live performance watch/listen
score page example

Hocus Opus (sax quartet)   14':00   1993
Movement I, Taxophone live performance watch/listen
Movement II, Newage live performance watch/listen
Movement III, With Courage live performance watch/listen

Apparitions (soprano voice and piano)   4':30"   1992
Hog Jowl Soup (solo piano)   4':10"   1992
Oh, No (solo oboe)   2':40"   1992
Atanos (solo classical guitar)   2':00"   1992
Harp Etude   2':30"   1992
Equinoctial (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano)   4':00   1992
Ebullition (violin, piano)   10':00   1991
Tides (solo piano)   2':00   1989
Joy and Sorrow (satb chorus)   4':00   1988

Orchestral Works

Der Waltzer des Laufers   5':50"   1991
Winter Solstice   5':00   1990   excerpt  156K  

Sound Environments

Geese at Lake Carnegie dam Kingston NJ   2-19-96
Indoor Deconstruction at Princeton University Music Dept NJ   6-1-95
Basement Machine Room at Princeton University Music Dept NJ   6-1-95
Indoor Deconstruction at Princeton University Firestone Library NJ   6-22-94
Meineke Muffler Shop Heightstown NJ   9-16-93

Rock and Jazz-Rock Band Works

Pre-Dawn Excursion (guitar, bass, drums, sampling)   4':30"   1987
Foreplay (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, sampling)   4':00   1986
Revelation (voice, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards)   5':00   1985
Chaos (lyrics, guitar, bass, drums)   6':00   1984
Can't Be Alone (lyrics, voice, guitars, bass, drums)   4':00   1983
Disillusion (lyrics, voice, guitar 2)   7':00   1980
Confusion (lyrics, voice, guitars, bass, drums)   8':00   1979